Nancy asks about mare's breathing/allergy challenges, feeding and more…


Please educate me why your AllerCheck will work compared to other product offerings.  My mare has breathing/allergies/insulin issues.

We have tried other products ((Standard Process Equine products, H_ _ _ _, E_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (resveratrol) Joint), allergy testing to help ID
causes, western meds which just caused complications, etc. We have tried the Just add Oats program and her insulin levels
sky-rocketed. She will eat the Bug Check/Red Cal occasionally – she is a fussy one.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Nancy,

Aller Check like all my products- that I personally formulated have simply been mainstays— basically the Weight Check Oil that replaced the old H2Ooil has been my only replacement of a product and even then it was because I finally found a non-GMO free source of omegas that I wanted and that I could trust… not that H2Oil didn't work- folks just loved the Weight Check Oil better. I added probiotics to Bug Check just to make it even more healthy and to make it more appealing to use year-round, as year-round usage is only going to help it support the "bug" challenges even more when the time comes. (not playing catch-up)

So with that said, I have always had my own "test-herd", if you will- I simply know and trust in what I have put together and trust the raw materials contained within. I don't worry about others products or pay much mind really— I also know what has helped thousands through the years and I appreciate the support and trust we have from so many.

I will say that my recommendations for allergy challenges are always based upon the feeding program— Aller Check is going to perform at its optimum level when used in conjunction– otherwise you may not be satisfied with results.

Now, as far as the feeding program- I normally don't hear this when one is on the program 100%… and using all 3 supplements- especially don't shortcut on the Weight Check Oil. Good fats are essential. Hopefully all other potential outside factors were not available… just so many- but at times I've had people providing beet pulp, molasses, flax and on and on and that just is not gonna work. I'm not saying you did– just that it could be several reasons— again as I have not had the feeding program "alone" be the cause of an insulin spike and that is with thousands of horses feeding for success- our way, every day.

Now- Only 2 reason why they don't eat Red Cal and that is too much potassium getting into system from other sources or salt blocks etc. not being removed. If needed a tablespoon can be top-dressed daily and if still picky about that… start with a pinch and slowly work up. These reasons and other factors are explained in the articles that are linked via

Same thing with Bug Check… if that pickey, start with very small amount ( a pinch even) that they will eat and then work up… if they stop work back down to last point and then work back up more slowly. In rare instances this always works.

Here is a link to my AskDrDan blog where you can read about others that have asked about "insulin" challenges etc. This is link returned after using the "search" box on the site.

I appreciate you asking and hope this helps Nancy.

Dr. Dan