Lynda changing to our program asks "how to switch to oats"


Dr. Dan,
I talked with you at the Harrisburg Horse Expo. You
recommended a feeding program for my horse who has shingles, navicular
disease and arthritis in his rear hocks. I am getting ready to order
your products, but one question I didn't ask you was how to introduce
this change in diet. Also, I need to know how much oats you recommend
for his diet. My other horse, a 6 year old Rocky doesn't have any
health issues-except for being slightly overweight. I'm planning on
putting him on the same diet. Will that work for him as well? I'm
going to order the Just Add Oats 2X, Joint Check, Weight Check,
Red-Cal Plus and am going to try the Bug Check. I will wait to hear
from you before I place my order as I want to make sure I introduce a
change in their diet correctly so as not to cause any gut
problems.Thank you,

Hi Lynda!

Thanks so much for allowing me… and of course our products… into your lives.

The program will work for both and it is a simple switch. Just take into account the amount of grain/feed you are now giving and over the course of a few days "totally" switch to the same volume of oats. So as you take away current grain/feed add same amount of oats back in until totally oats.

But you do want to start adding the supplements the day you start the switching process. Best to use the same idea… add just add a little of each the supplements daily and gradually work up to the total recommended amount suggested.

Again, I appreciate your support and look forward to you keeping me posted!

Dr. Dan