Leeanne asks about combining supplements


Dr. Dan,
I need info on the safety of combining supplements for myself & my
animals. I take Redoxx Hi Mag. Can I safely use a supplemental probiotic each
morning as well as Krill Oil and Vit D? For my Great Dane, I feed her Allercheck.
Can I continue her daily supplelments of probiotics with Vit C and MSM to prevent HOD?
 Thanks for your time.

Absolutely Leeanne. I would ask that you consider the Joint Check product for the challenge you are facing with your Great Dane— it's more than "just" a joint product and I think you will love the support it offers for so many body functions.


Consider a combination of VitaVegEssentials and Enhance Factor to meet your Vitamin D, probiotics and "good fats" needs while providing much more as well.


I appreciate you considering and thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan