Kim asks about oats vs. pelleted feed and then about salt blocks


Dr. Dan,

I spoke to you at the Midwest Horse Fair this weekend in WI. I was the
lady who said I'd never buy a feed through bug repellant because it
had chemicals in it. You told me yours doesn't and I really liked
hearing that and would like to try your products, but so much of what
you said goes against alot of info that I have heard for years; #1)
grain is bad for horses, oats will make horses hot. I switched to Safe
Choice feed.  #2) You should ALWAYS offer a salt/mineral block. When
you stopped my friend and I at your booth on Sat. we were on our way
to buy a large rock salt from the Red_ _ _ _ booth. After listening to
you, I did not go there, but would really like to talk to you more
about all the conflicting info I hear all the time about good health
(for horses and humans).

We do not use chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or prepackaged foods in our
lives and I don't want to feed junk to my horses either. Oats is a
whole food, but I have heard from multiple sources not to feed grains
to horses.

I listened to most of the CD I was given and it makes sense to me, but it contradicts what so  many  others say is good for our horses.
Thanks for your time,

I've been a proponent of oats for years and have heard it all the conflicting info
about the oats (and other "stuff" too!) It's highly unlikely it will ever go away. Too many
times in the past I have followed the "big-money-trail" to find the basis… it's just not
worth chasing. I can only present what I know that has worked for the hundreds (if not into thousands)
of horses that I have been personally connected to and to the thousands that I know adhere
to the feeding program. I long ago quit trying to "convince".

In addition to the CD, I suggest you browse the Library link on the webpage and use the magazine
link or the direct article links to view the articles— especially "For The Health And Harm… Feed Oats– But That's Not All"

You'll also find live presentations that I have conducted on the topic at other events through the years.

I've invested a lot to get as much info online for all to do thier due diligence before making this decision ad I think you will enjoy reviewing it regardless of your final decision. You can even use and browse the through the tags or use the search function to garner even more info.

At the very least, people may decide to keep feeding what they feeding but reach the conclusion that they aren't providing what they should be from their commercial feed—- especially when it comes to our all-natural RED CAL (salt from "ancient" sea beds-not today's oceans nor man-made junk) this is probably the easiest decision to make. Again– plenty of audios articles and videos (esp. see why Red Cal Works- but there are others too!)…. and salt/mineral videos that even go back to my RFD-TV days!

I've formulated my program and products (that includes Pet and PEOPLE) based on my many years of real-life experience and have tried to use today's technology to get the word out the best I can. Even have a referral program so people can help me of course— but help themselves while helping others… besides being the best kind of advertising — word-of-mouth advertising has been around almost as long as the salt from RED CAL!!  and a big reason our products are in such wide use across the country and even in other parts of the world.

I appreciate the time you shared with me at the event and hopefully we will meet again and share new stories.

I appreciate the consideration of our products and hope for the best regardless you choose "us" or not.

Dr. Dan

I want to thank you for the info and suggestions on where to look and what to read, and the links to them. I got on your site yesterday and was browsing around.  Almost everything you talk about resonates with me because it is all “natural”, whole.

My husband and I try to eat whole, raw foods as much as possible, drink at least 64 oz. of plain water a day, exercise, etc.  So the feeding of oats to my horses makes perfect sense to me. When I heard and read from big, experienced horse trainers and owners that they did not feed grains, oats to their horses, I felt that they should know more than me since I owned 1 or 2 horses for pleasure. I was not in the “horse industry”. So I then changed to commercial feeds. I don’t feed a lot of it anyway, and I do use a vit./min. supplement called Equi_ _ _ _ _, but that is pelleted also.

I will do my due diligence on your products, but I don’t think it will take me long to order some to try, possibly for us and our dog as well. Again, I thank you and your partner in your booth for stopping me at the horse fair.  I am happy that you did. 

Also, I am grateful that you are doing what you are doing to educate us to whole, natural feed and supplements.  It is very necessary and I appreciate what you do.

I know it is not always easy, and I understand the not “convincing” part.  We were distributors once, for Nikken, a company that sells products that use energy to heal our bodies – human and animal.  That was pretty far “out there” for most people to swallow.  They thought if it didn’t come in pill form, or my doctor didn’t tell me about it, it can’t possibly work, so we tried convincing and needless to say we were not successful in that business.  We still use their products to this day, much to our benefit, but convincing others to see what we saw and felt with them did not work.

I certainly hope we meet up again someday. I think you would be a very interesting person to talk at length with.


Thank You Kim!!
Dr. Dan