Harlan asks about horse's "scratches"…

Harlan G.

We have two haflinger horses and live in a very dry area. The two
horses have had scratches on the fetlocks of their rear legs for four
years. We have have tried many, many remedies. Some were from the vet,
some were all natural, and some were old wives tales. Some products
made a difference, but never cured the problem. Do you have any
recommendations? We use the Red Cal with Magnesium religiously. If you
think one of your natural products would be beneficial, please let us
know. If there is something else we should try we are open. We look
forward to hearing from you.

Hi Harlan,

We have helped many many through the years with the challenge of "scratches". But it is all based on the foundation of the total feeding program— not just Red Cal (thank you for providing that to your horses!) but the other components as well… oats our Just Add Oats, Weight Check Oil and of course Red Cal.

It is my opinion that Scratches, (like so many other challenges) is the body attempting to discharge something through the skin, which of course is the bodies largest organ. The key is to help the body get rid of such junk, not put more back in and support the immune system.  For this I have "targeted" support products that I always suggest- the first being our "Health Check" supplement to help get junk out and put more 'goody" in.

The BIGGEST source of such "junk" is commercial feed with hydrogenated fats etc. (after that,,, meds) I don't know what your feeding program is, but again, consider the "total" feeding program which you can learn much more about at the easy-to-remember site www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com and follow it to the "T". No commercial feed at all.

To further support the immune system I also suggest our targeted support product, "Aller Check" supplement (somewhat pricey but is awesome!).

Again— face this challenge working from the "inside-out" regardless of what others say. Topically, I would only use our Grape Balm herbal would healer. It is ugly and stinks but works great.

There is an audio in my online library about Thrush and White Line (all are similar to scratches) that you might enjoy listening to at www.DrDanLibrary.com (use the "Audio" link) You can also see other questions/answers and even some testimonials dealing with Scratches at: https://askdrdan.com/HOME/?s=scratches

I know how hard to deal with Scratches can be Harlan but the above has helped hundreds if not thousands through the years.

Thanks for asking and keep me posted please Harlan.

Dr. Dan