Gino asks this for his filly about warts…



 I have a weanling filly that is a week old this week. She is healthy
and happy in the fenced in area they are in for another week. I
noticed the filly has a wart in the left nostril. Can you inform me a
little about this please. I know warts can be contagious, especially
facial ones from what I researched. What would be my best approach to
getting rid of the wart before it can get bad? Thank you. Gino

Hi Gino,

Wart are believed to be viral in origin. They are very common and often it is stress that makes one more susceptible.  Truth is they pretty much have to run their "course". However supporting immune system should help speed the process as stress wil lead to a compromised immune system which in turns makes one more susceptible to a lot of challenges and more prone to react worse and recover more slowly. Supporting the immune system with our Health Check and Aller Check is my recommendation. If on our feeding program ( you can expect an even healthier horse. You can also apply our Grape Balm product topically every other day— being sure to address from the inside-out first, this topical treatment has helped many also… regardless they often get worse and numerous before they get better. I have never seen a case that didn't eventually get better though regardless of what you do.

I appreciate you asking and considering the above recommendations. keep me posted.

Dr. Dan