Doreen asks: Azium leaves horse with Cushings?


Hi Dr. Dan,

My horse has been on/off Azium powder the past two summers for hives
(8 to 10 [10 mg] packets given over four months both years — approx.
1/2 packet every other day or twice a week).  Last year he was very
slow to shed out and this year he is not shedding at all!  From all
the research I've done on-line, it sounds like he wasn't withdrawn
slowly enough from Azium and it may have caused him to have Cushings
or a thyroid problem.  We're going to get his blood tested this week.
 What are your thoughts on putting him back on a low dose of Azium and
weaning him off it?  Do you think it's worth the risk to see if it
will enable the adrenal glands to work efficiently again?  I feel
horrible if this is the cause of him not shedding out.  If Azium is
the cause of his issue, it sure was a horrible lesson to learn for a
relatively minor condition we were treating.  He's a 10 year old
Quarter Horse.

I appreciate your thoughts.

Hi Doreen- Azium is a steroid. Personally, I would never put back in steroids regardless. It does sound like cushings.

My suggestions are always based on adhering to our foundational feeding program ( and further support the detoxifying and feeding of the immune system with out targeted products of Aller Check- and in your situation Joint Check (more than "just" a joint product) as the "joint-type" ingredients will help support better breathing etc. while the antioxidant properties of ingredients in Joint Check will help get junk out (steroids, commercial feed, meds etc.) out.

Again, the key that has helped many is the feeding program (100% adherence) and to address the challenges from the inside-out with the targeted support mentioned.

You can read more about cushings and hives at these links: