Dawn asks about Bug Check "batches"


What color & consistency is Bug Check supposed to be? I have used this
product for a few years and the color was grey and more like powder.
But this year it is brown and more like saw dust? I don't dare to feed
it to my mare whereas it does not seem the same and may be a bad

Hi Dawn. At the 2010 California Equine Affaire I introduced the new Bug Check with Alltech's Lacto-Sacc probiotics and new organic selenium- there is a new label that lists those new trademarked/patented ingredients.

At this same time we introduced the new process that it is use to make the finished product that is more "dustless".

The product has basically been a different color variation since then- if it came direct from us it resembles then as it does today. The label of the product we have been shipping since early part of 2010 has "…Now With Lacto-Sacc Probiotics" featured across the label.

There is also a little variation now and then because of the "nature" of natural ingredients-  but there is never a bad batch.

Thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan