David asks about Cushings disease


Is there anything you can recommend that helps with the symptoms of Cushings. The horse in question does not fully shed out and his back bone has become more visible over the years. He was diagnosed about 2 years ago and is on pergolide.

Hi David,

What I can share has helped many many over the years… not knowing what you feed, but review the information at WhatToFeedYourHorse.com regardless. The feeding program is the foundation needed and needed to be adhered to 100%….Oats diet (no commercial feed!) along with our "Just Add Oats" supplement, our RED CAL (no blocks!) and our Weight Check Oil (with Omegas).

You can also read other postings of answers to others' cushings questions here:

In some cases I would also suggest our Gut Check and Health Check supplements and have also asked others to consider our Critical Care Hypothyroid formula. (I know it says overweight formula too but basically it is great for cushings and regulates sugars)
The Critical Care product is pricey but would only be needed until improvement begins. But start with the feeding program for sure.

I think the peroglide is fine for now, but once improvement begins it too can be weaned away.

I appreciate you considering what has helped so many.

Thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan