Cindy asks this because her racehorse is allergic to soy


Dr. Dan, my racehorse was blood tested because she had breathing
problems.  The results detected allergies to soy, grass, and about 20
other items.  I am afraid to use the weight check product because it
is soy based.  Do you have any other recommendations?

Hi Cindy,

First, I'm going to include a link to my article about Allergies in the Library (same Library also has audios about same). I don't know if you've ever reviewed them or not but, you can check over again if you like.

You'll see that I even mention in them about my opinion that allergy tests are useless. They always seem to come back to things that you cant possibly keep a horse away from— grass as you mentioned is a perfect example.

The weight check oil contains the oil from the soy bean— not simply soybean. Trust me it is not the same and Weight Check Oil has performed admirably through the years. Gallons upon gallons are poured everyday for horses across the world even. If it wasn't any good I simply would not even have it. Keep in mind that my own horses (test herd- if you may) receive the same.

I do believe that if you stay on course with the feeding program 100% with the 3 components of RED CAL, Weight Check Oil, and "Just Add Oats"  that you will love the results.

I appreciate you checking with me first and hope this helps.

Thanks so much for your support and keep me posted on everything this season!

Dr. Dan