Butch asks, about a good diet for his horse…("how much oats?")


I feed my horse about 1/2 gallon of oats a day along with one cup of
linseed meal. He also gets a half bale of hay. Is this a good diet and
enough for him?



Hi Butch,

Here's what I share with others as I am asked this a lot. Feeding is not a science. Its more of an art .. if the weight is now good then continue as is. Generally most horses don't need much oats and should get no other grain other oats anyway. "Science" says 1% of body weight daily for grain. I say the less the better overall.  I use whole oats and a 50/50 timothy/orchard mix.

Now you may have already seen the info within the main site (accessed also with WhatToFeedYourHorse.com ) and see that I also recommend 3 products in conjunction with above. This program has been in place and adhered to by thousands through many years. There is an article about Oats there that you should read as well as others as time allows.

I will add I am not a fan of linseed nor flax, which I feel is the same. Here is an article you can review:

Our Weight Check Oil is a much better source of the benefits you are seeking from the linseed meal.

I hope this helps and I appreciate you asking and connecting. Stay in touch!