A "conversation" about horse allergies, ulcers, oats and more…



I read the article on allergies and was hoping to get some questions
My horse is allergic to noseeums, I think, runny swollen eyes, biting
his stomach and legs, kicking and acting really wired, not colic.
I am not sure how much of the different remedies to give him. He is an
arabian and weighs around 850 pounds.
hope you can help
Thank you

Hello Lone… using the Aller Check provide basically what it will take to make a difference but starting with the dosage for a 1000 pound horse.

Now while this is the main targeted support product supplementing with the Health Check would be beneficial as well.

Of course all of the above upon the foundation of my feeding program is the optimum regimen. If not already review FeedForSuccess.com a major part of the regimen and that is Bug Check. Not only for the buggy challenges but to support the skin and coat as well as it is much more than just a bug product. And I recommend year-round usage regardless.

I appreciate you visiting the article and considering us. Please keep me posted.

If I can't afford all, what would you suggest?

Thank you. I would at the very least provide Bug Check to help keep the bugs away in the first place while alos supporting the skin and coat and having some antioxidant properties. After that Aller Check for the allergies… just for future reference what I mentioned previously the feeding program etc runs about 40 a month… cheaper than feed really. Thanks again and I hope this helps.

40 a month is not bad at all. My vet believes he might have ulcers, no test has been done. but can't feed him oat

I'm sorry, but our program has helped many with ulcers as well. Simply, my feeding program as I said before is the foundation to have in place to be proacrtive against the many challenges that are faced, whether it be the allergies, the ulcers or a multitude of others….. I've said it for years and well into the thousands now the horses that have benefited. Just so much misinformation about oats— I can only share information— not convince anyone—- I know what I know and what has worked for the hundreds of horses that I am personally connected to as well as again, the thousands through the years. I've shared the Feeding program link and I'll pass along a couple of others including a new printout with some new information about oats included in it





I appreciate you again visiting our site and considering the products for down the road. I hope the best whatever decisions you make. Feel free to keep me posted.

Growing up in Scandinavia, we feed our horses oat,  grass hay and some kind of oil, I believe it was cod liver oil, here the vets tell me different things it is so confusing. I believe I have it narrowed down to what I need for right now. I will be placing an order next week.
Thank you for your time,