Marylin asks this for her cat…


My Cat she is 9 years old and has had the life of a prince, always in
the house and never goes outside. she keeps loosing hair on just the
right side of her back. But it looks like it is broke off and is never
bald completely, I have put Vitamin E lotion on it so she will stop
licking it. she also has soars around her neck, I have look for
flea's, or  ear mites,or anything else that could be wrong and never
find anything.

Thank You
Marylin L.

Hi Marylin. Good to hear from you.

It could be hormonal or fleas. I would start with treating for fleas as it only takes one to cause such symptoms. You could try the Bug Check for pets as it will help with the fleas while also supporting skin/coat. Consider the Omega Check oil as well for extra support for skin/coat (and more). "naturally" this is what I would consider first. If it doesn't get better then she will need to be seen.

Thanks for asking and do keep me posted regardless of direction you take.

Dr. Dan