IPO= Incredible Product Offering tremendous benefits! (new audio)

IPO = Incredible Product Offering Tremendous Benefits Beyond Just What It Seems On The Surface!
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I believe that RED CAL is the single most important investment that you can make for the health and wellness of your horse!

And like all of our products, it too, is multi-beneficial.

And in the case of RED CAL, it’s more than “just” a salt, mineral and electrolyte product.

I want to bring your attention to a new short audio I put together that is available right on the RED CAL page of our website. The audio will explain more about and will guide you through benefiting from our (nature’s) RED CAL.

I know you’re going to enjoy this audio as I discuss what sets RED CAL apart from other products that you might think are comparable. I also discuss the process of providing RED CAL and making sure your horses (donkeys, cattle, sheep, goats and more too!) receive these prized ingredients.

If you’re not already receiving a portion of the tons of RED CAL we ship every month- I hope you will consider this proactive healthy investment today.

Don’t miss the new audio: Click Here and remember, turn up your speakers!

I appreciate you!
Dr. Dan Moore (DVM)

No Horse Should Go Without RED CAL!

Mineral Wise Salt Poor ArticleThe RED CAL supplement is a formulation and combination of calcium, micro-nutrients and herbs to help keep your horse healthy. RED CAL is one of the components of Dr. Dan’s “Feed For Success” program.

It is fed FREE CHOICE, so its easy. Although you let them eat all they want, its economical too!

Perfect pastures Article*Typically a 25 lb bag will last from 100-200 days for one horse but will vary depending upon the individual needs. Buying our bulk packages will make your per-day, per-horse investment even less!

Did you know that salt & mineral content and quality varies greatly?

Unlike most, RED-CAL is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants, its balanced by nature, not by man!

The minerals utilized are the finest available, with detail especially to purity and absorption. You can expect stronger bones, muscles, ligaments and better performance regardless of discipline. We believe this is our finest product yet developed and your horse will prove it. It is OK to use along with any of our other products and for any horse, any age. Use year-round, all-they-want, all-the-time and remove all blocks and rocks for best results.

Rocks And/Or Blocks Are Useless!”

Blocks and Rocks Are Useless!Did you know that most commercial salt and minerals are either “man made” or some other industry’s waste product? Unlike these, ours is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants; it’s balanced by nature not by man! Did you know that blocks for horse, and others for that matter, are almost useless and potentially dangerous!

They just can’t get what they need, when they need it, fast enough by trying to lick or chew from a block! When the weather changes sudden imbalances in the grass can occur. Horses must be able to get what they need when they need it! Period!

RED CAL is fed free-choice and loose, not in a block form. Just hang a bucket on a fence post and pour a little in it. Rain does not even diminish effectiveness.

from Gary Lane…

Gary LaneToday’s horses living in the information age will require better mineral care than ever. “Why?” Our modern day farming practices along with the age of our pastern fields most certainly have been depleted of natural minerals over the years, mostly because of fertilize abuse.

Now let me add one more comment to the mix:
A horse kept in a stall or pasture field also needs to drink plenty of clean water.

Why Red Cal Works Article- Click HereRed Cal is a great free supplement choice I use not only for good mineral quality for horses, but the added insurance of Red Cal natural balance requires the horse to drink plenty of water.

Our gaited horses were developed for work, pleasure and transportation.

Let Red Cal work for you to ensure not only fine quality of mineral supplements, but the added bonus that your horse will drink plenty of fresh water.


Folks, if you don’t consider any other portion of our feeding program at this time, at the very least you should provide RED CAL for your horses.”
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