Mary asks about "what for" Ticks…

Recently my 9 y/o Paint Mare was diagnosed with Lyme's disease and is
currently receiving antibiotic therapy. She is out on pasture 24/7
(pasture is NOT on the perimeter of wood/forest line) and I'm
concerned about re-infection. Is there a product I can use to repel

BTW, I've never seen a tick on my horse and was very skeptical about
the diagnosis but…..the symptoms she was experiencing (very
lethargic, new onset of spookiness and lameness alternating in hinds)
do seem to be improving. Any information you can provide would be
greatly appreciated!

Hello Mary.

Our Bug Check has been doing this (and more) economically for over a decade! Just follow this link: to check it out. Keep in mind it is much more than just a "bug" product and that page will present that info/ingredients. Nothing else like it! It is that reason I prefer that folks provide year-round at least at the smallest dosage. Bug Check is also available for cats/dogs.

With that said, being proactive as much as possible especially to support the immune system so as to it not become "compromised" and better prepared for the challenges that might be faced. So I hope you will also consider at some time our feeding program ( as well as targeted support products (esp Health Check and Aller Check). There is a new 4 page flyer that is shown in the Library at the main website that offers a great at-a-glance look at all. (

Thanks for asking and considering Mary.

Dr. Dan