How does the new Referral Rewards Program work?

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By now, hopefully you have seen the new information we have presented about our new Wellness Rewards program that rewards you back for the products you purchase. if you have missed or want to review what was shared so far, visit this post at by clicking here. It's been an exciting start and thousands of reward points have been awarded already!

Grow Your Rewards Even More!

With your your customer account, you earn "personal" Rewards on personal purchases and in just a couple of clicks you can signup for the "Referral" Rewards program that will reward you  for the product purchases you refer! 

The screenshot images and info below will guide you through the quick signup process as well as the features to be familiar with so that you maximize your rewards.

Basically, we are rewarding you for word-of-mouth advertising ad like I say it's a form of marketing that has been around since the beginning of man and really it's something that most of us do everyday anyway and have been doing since we were born… just telling someone about something we love. And now with us— you get rewarded for it!

Please pay close attention to the helpful information below. It's easy to get started and then use, as you'll see below. If you'd rather view this information as a web page- click here. Remember to make note of your login details below.

You'll want to start by viewing the overall Rewards Program link and choosing to signup for the Referral Rewards Program after first creating a customer account here. If you already have a customer account you can skip that step. Of course you can call our office at 877.873.8838 if you need our help.

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The first page will ask current customers to login with their account details. New customers will proceed to that link as seen below.

The terms and conditions of the program are available to read and for you to agree to (required) before proceeding as you see below…

Your account will be created and then you will "Click Here To Continue"…

You will then land at your "My Account" Dashboard where the Referral Rewards Office will be available to you. Clicking on the "View Details" link will provide you with tools and reports that you can use to maximize your reward earnings…

After the above is completed, the first tool to become familiar with is your own and unique referral link and web address that you can easily share as you would any favorite link with others. Images are also available to embed into your own website/blog if you have one…

Now that you have started using your link, you will begin to have referral orders, when this happens you will instantly be notified each time a referral sale occurs via email. Details of the order amount and the rewards earned will be in that email…

These details and more, again will now be available through your "My Account" Dashboard in the Referral Rewards Office section…

Viewing the Details again will show you information in regards to the referral orders you have in place. As you see, this matches the details in the email you received above…

Below is the View Details from the "My Rewards" section. This shows the Referral Rewards applied so far (86 points) combined with the Personal Rewards earned so far (25) for a total of 111 points.

At this time, you can choose to continue to grow your rewards and redeem at a later time, or redeem before your next purchase for a an eGift Card that is available in amounts from 10-1,000 dollars. After redeeming for an eGift Card, you will be provided a code number for that eGift Card that you can use during a future checkout. eGift Card balances are tracked and carried forward until used fully…

Our new overall Rewards Program is exciting, limitless and naturally rewarding for all

It's up to you to take this next simple step and enable your own Referral Rewards program in addition to the Personal Rewards program already in place for you. Maximize the program and Start Growing your Reward points today!

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