How the New Autoship Program works with the New


In continuing to share with you new features of the New, today we wanted to let you know that our new and more convenient Autoship program is now available!

Now while placing an order, you can create convenient "autoship" orders that not only can be scheduled every 30 days, but as many have asked for in the past— you can now setup orders that will be automatically ordered and shipped 60 days out from the initial order!

And yes, each order will continue to build Reward Points into your account for future free product. 

The screenshot images below will help show the ease of this new system, but as always do not hesitate to call us so we can help create your order and future autoship orders.

Also note that if you had a previous autoship created in the old system, we will need to recreate your new order.  We have already started reaching out to those with those previously in the system, so please look for our call and if we miss you please do not hesitate to call the office at 877.873.8838 to help with this order or any other order.

Below is the screenshots we promised. I look forward to you being able to take advantage of this new system available to you as well as the other new features of

I appreciate your support and make it a great weekend!

In the example below we will start by selecting the single bag of RED CAL

Step 1 Ordering Red Cal

The next page gives the option to add this product to a desired autoship order placed in the future either 30 or 60 days out from the date of the initial order. The autoship is built product by product so as you will see later below in this example, it is possible to have different products shipped on a different schedule or to add a product that you may want today but not to be added to any autoship order at all– just for today's order.

Below shows the view as you select the timetable for your next autoship order

Now that you have selected the timetable, you can now choose the quantity and proceed to checkout and then add to the cart.

Below shows the view in the cart. If this is all you are ordering today then you would proceed to checkout, if you want to add more products choose to "continue shopping"

Below shows the view after we have continued shopping. As You will see we have added the Grape Balm Wound Healer for one time delivery today and not for future autoships. You will also see that we have scheduled the 60-day supply of Just Add Oats to be automatically ordered and shipped 60 days from the date of today's order.

At this point, if you are finished, you "proceed to checkout" to finalize this order.
Shipping charges for autoshipped orders will be  applied in accordance to the current scale and program in place on our website.

Get Started Today With The New Convenient AND Rewarding Autoship Program!