Sam asks about their mare with cushings

I strongly suspect this RMH mare has cushings. She is 22 years old, has been shown alot in her younger years.  Is the Mom of several great Rocky Mountain horses. I bought her in September, knowing her condition, and knowing she is the great granddaughter of Tobe, and Johnson's Toby, Blue Boy, Molly II, Johnson's Blue Mare.

First I want to do all I can to keep this mare healthy especially since she quickly became the love of my wife's life.   and second, would certainly like to have a foal out of her, if she is able to conceive again.

What would you recommend for this mare?

Thanks Sam

Hi Sam, I would definitely begin on feeding program as sson as possible to build upon when using any of our targeted support that will probably be needed at least for a short while.

Now, adhering to the program (see What to feed link below for review) regular RED CAL, Weight Check Oil and the Just Add Oats to make oats or any grain complete. (preferable oats!)

Alosn with this.. supplement for additional support with our "Critical Care" Hypothyroid Insulin resistant formula— it is pricey but may only be needed for a short while 2-3 months. Also consider our Gut Check product to support the gut through this. This would be the minimum. Also consider the Joint Check for not only joint support but for antioxidant support as well.

I'm hoping for the best so that she can again bless with a foal. Keep me posted Sam!

Thanks for asking and do take care! God Bless

Dr. Dan

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