Mary with questions about her pug dog's skin allergies

You were recommended to me Lyrene in ________ TN. She thinks that you can help me, I hope that you can make some suggestions.

I have a pug that has skin allergies. He scratches a lot and has scooted around on his tail until he has gotten it infected looking and sore. I know that it makes him crazy. I bath him in Malaseb shampoo and that helps for a day. He has been on Predisone for three weeks. He started on 1 1/2 pills twice a day but now that we are cutting back the dosage, as perscribed, to 1 1/2 every other day the scratching and scooting has returned. He is also on a antibiatic named Cephalexin twice a day. Over the summer he has been on Atopica, Temaril P and had a couple of shots. He is gaining weight and I know that is not good for him. He has always had a little problem with weight and now it's worse. I also think it's affecting his joints, when we walk his hind legs seem to give out a little. He has also been tested for Cushings, which came back negative.

Lyrene has your catalog and thought Aller Check or Health check might help. I called your number this morning and the lady suggested I email you. He is 7 years old tomorrow and I love him dearly. I will try anything you recomend to help him. I'm at my wits end and Lyrene swears by you.



Thank you, Mary H.

Hello Mary,

Bless you both… At the very least you can provide the pet supplements- Aller Check and the Omega Check oil along with the health Check. You did good reading! The Aller Check and Health Check will help rid past junk (drugs and other) and keep out junk and environmental stresses. The essential oils will benefit the skin and coat and more. Now if later you feel that joint support is needed, provide the Joint Check instead of Health Check as it is the same but has joint support ingredients.

But please know that such serious cases are so so serious and if local vet can't fix then it is tough for me too.. but would start with above. I want to also suggest considering the Innova brand of natural food- it is what I buy.

Tell Lyrene thanks and please keep me posted as you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Dr. Dan

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