Lynne with navicular disease question for her horse

What do you recommend to feed to a horse with navicular disease?  Would just add oats be too high carb?  I have used your products in the past.  I had a mare in foal founder. Used several of your products.  

She delivered a healthy foal and is still doing fine 3 years later!


Hi Lynne,

Thanks so much for your kind words about out products. Oats are lowest in starch of all grains and I absolutely recommend Oats, but as I say… "oats alone are not enough",  thus the need for Just Add Oats supplement as part of the overall "feed For Success" feeding program.

For a  navicular challenge, our Feeding program is perfect to adhere to and build upon by supplementing with the targeted support offered from our Joint Check product (joint support + antioxidants!) Provide Joint Check at 1 to 2 scoops daily.

Thanks again for your support and thanks for considering our products again! (Be sure to review feeding program at the "What To Feed Link" below!)

Dr. Dan

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