Pam wants to know what to feed very low thyroid, insulin resistant pony

Hi Dr Dan, I need to know what to feed my very low thyroid, insulin resistant pony.  

Pam M.

Hi Pam,

Our foundational feeding "program", with the 3 needed supplements should be implemented 100% as soon as possible for best results. Along with this we have a "targeted" Critical Care product for "Overweight,Hyperthyroid, Insulin Resistant Support"should be provided until under control. It is pricey but nothing else like it and has helped many through the years.

"What To Feed" link below will direct you to program page for review.

I appreciate you asking and considering.

Dr. Dan

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CriticalCare IR/Overweight

The more insulin produced daily, the shorter the life span! Even in “lesser” species like flies, ants and other bugs, resting insulin level is used as a gauge for life span. Guess what causes insulin to go up—sugar and carbohydrates. What do we feed our horses? Sugar and carbohydrates—like grain and sweet feed. Here is an example of the crisis our horses are facing today: Rocky Mountain Horses were initially bred in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, they essentially were raised in strip mine conditions—that is—just fed grass, and barely that—all five foundation sires to the breed were still breeding in there 30’s!! Still kicking in their 30’s and going strong!

Most horses today are considered ancient at 20 years of age. Certainly many factors are involved like over vaccination, and over deworming, etc., but I believe our horses today are quickly becoming insulin resistant and aging prematurely because of the insulin levels. The insulin/age correlation within other species is my basis of the theory. Just look around at your neighbor or perhaps your own belly—any extra fat around? Overweight, outright fat, cresty necked horses is almost the norm today.

So much insulin is being produced to handle the sugar that the body’s insulin receptors stop working. A comparison would be walking into Grandma’s kitchen on Thanksgiving day. That turkey smells sooo.. good when you first walk in, but after an hour or so you hardly smell it—your smell sensors have become resistant. Anything we can do to keep the insulin levels low or lessen the resistance to insulin will be much healthier—not just for horses but people and pets, too. The prevention is a high fat diet (log on our website for the scientific truth about how good saturated fats, like coconut oils are good for us and unsaturated, high trans-diets are killing us).

The basis of the formulation has been gathered from some of the leading physicians in diabetic and cardiac care. The literature supporting the ingredient function is overwhelming, and clinically it just is amazing. Ingredients include Carnitine, Lipoic Acid, Biotin, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium, L-Tyrosine, Cinnamon, Niacin, Ginger, Ginseng etc.