Lynne asks about our formulations with enzymes…

Thank you for your response to my email (re: navicular). I am very interested in changing over to your feeding program for him.  Just one more question…what about enzymes.  Are they in any of the supplements.  do you carry them?  

Thank you again!!!!


Hi Lynne, you're more than welcome for sure…. the "Just Add Oats" supplement (part of the program) contains microbials that will offer up lots of digestive support. Now if more "targeted" support is desired we have Gut Check and Hoof Check that also contains digestive enzymes/ingredients for further enhanced support. And of course, even Bug Check which we say is much more than just a "bug product" contains Alltech's probiotics (Lacto-Sacc) for the gut along with antioxidants/grape seed etc.

It is safe to combine any of our "targeted" supplements along with the foundation of the feeding program.

Thanks again for asking and considering. Keep me posted!