Lizbeth asks a feeding question for her Andulusian

I have a 7 year old Andulusian I imported from Spain in April who does dressage. He had been on oats in Spain so I continued with crimped oats here- and lots of hay and over the summer added weight check oil (2 oz. 2 times a day)and have recently added Just Add Oats as well. Before he was on crimped oats but now is on regular oats.

He also has a Himalayan salt lick always in his stall which I replace regularly as he seems to use it a lot. Over the summer he was in turnout with grass- though lost weight which is why I added the oil. Then he was fine. I've just moved barns and his turnout does not have grass and he has lost weight again despite the increased oil. He gets 2 quarts of oats a day.

Any suggestions on anything different I should do.

Hello Lizbeth,

The very first thing I'm going to ask you to consider is getting rid of that salt lick
and start providing RED CAL free-choice 24/7/365 as best you can in this environment.
It is OK to add a tablespoon to what you're feeding each day if necessary, but provided free-choice they
will eat what they need on their own.

Of the 3 components of my feeding "program"… RED CAL is the single most important product
and the one I always want folks to consider if they won't consider anything else. I've got a salt block
video and much much more- including a Salt Mineral article at the "What to Feed" link below if you would
review this if not done so already.

I would like to see what this small move would accomplish as it has for so many through the years.

For the immediate— I would provide more Hay and more oil. But again- the intended results
are all going to better achieved if allowed to work in unison as part of the program and switching
to RED CAL would be a major step and when able the "Just Add Oats supplement.

Please keep me posted and I'm glad you asked now when you did.


Dr. Dan

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