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a recent email:


Just the other day a couple of things happened that while at first thought, seemed to be completely different but as I reflected the next few days they reminded of such much more.

Corn Maze

First there was the story about the family that had to call 911 when they were lost in a corn maze and thought they couldn't find their way out!

If you missed that story and if interested, click here.

Then, as I usually do I received some questions that day via the Ask Dr. Dan form here. Questions that I have addressed before through the years online and at events, but at this time on the heels of the corn-maze story those questions made me think about what many go through trying to find their way through the maze of information and mis-information that you can be overloaded with as you search for the answers for your horses.

At least weekly (if not almost daily) I validate my stance that oats are good for your horses, beet pulp is bad, flax is not recommended, molasses is not needed, don't spray with listerine (yea,I know!), get rid of the blocks and rocks…. I could go on.

You're receiving this email just as my many other emails so you pretty much know my stance on such subjects. If not, you can review the blog,, and especially for the consistent information I have shared for years.

Our "Feed For Success" program is as simple as 1-2-3, but the results are much more profound!

From Nickie D…

Well when the lady sent me your magazine and I watched your videos, I bought some Red Cal, the (Weight Check) Oil, and (the)Just Add Oats, (along with Bug Check) I got him off pelleted feed, and on oats plus his grass and hay.

He really went for the Red Cal, had a white nose everyday for awhile. But what a difference in his personality, no more pacing while eating, no more rubbing teeth, and although he has always been loving he is now trusting also ( if that makes sense).

Poor guy, sorry it’s taken me so long to find out what he needed. But now I can see a future in him and will start riding him soon.

Thank You so much, and God Bless You.

Let me emphasize again today, that the "Feed For Success" program has helped so many through the years with challenges and to be proactive against having to ever face many challenges. When adhering to this simple concept and foundation then our highly-beneficial standalone targeted support products are even much more effective when needed.

Click Here To Ask Questions is your 911 connection!

I just want to also let you know that at anytime you feel you too, are lost in a maze of sorts when searching for answers for providing the best for your horses, or even your cats, dogs and yourselves… know that I enjoy the opportunity to connect through every question and answer conversation we have- so please don't ever stop. I'm honored to be considered a source of 911 help to and for so many.

I appreciate your support and hope this upcoming week is great for you all.

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