Laura asks about horse's ruptured peroneous tertius tendon

Dear Dr. Dan:

Have you have had a patient with a ruptured peroneous tertius tendon?  My 9-year-old KMSH gelding was just diagnosed and has been prescribed at least 3 months stall rest and 10 days of bute.  I'm concerned that the combo of bute and the stress of being confined (he's usually out all the time) will cause stomach issues.  Do you have any products that would be beneficial for either the inflammation and/or stress?   What is the prognosis for this injury, in your experience?  Also, do you think 3 months of inactivity is really the right way to go, what with muscle atrophy, stiffness, etc?  It feels counterintuitive to me.  I'd be really interested in your views, if you have the time.  I'm a big fan of yours.

Thanks, Dr. Dan.  You're the best.

Laura G.

Hello Laura and thanks for the compliment 🙂

I have seen horses recover. I do not believe in stall rest for that long… and of course not fond of bute unless absolutely necessary.

I would suggest our Joint Check, Gut Check and of course along with the feeding program components for best results. I would limit exercise to a large stall to start. The key is to just not let jump around .. just hard to tell on the outcome but I wouldn't give up.

Hope this helps. Keep me posted.

Thanks again.

Dr. Dan

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