Janna w/ questions about Laminitis w/ older gelding…

I have a 24-yo App gelding about which I have contacted you before.

This is his second bout with laminitis, the first 4 years ago brought on by hypothyroid IR metabolic issues. His thyroid levels test normal now (thanks to your Critical Care IR product), he is not overweight, has no other presenting symptoms besides obviously very tender feet, although I have noticed that he has lots of gas which is not normal for him.  

He has HiMag Red Cal free choice, for about 2 weeks I have been feeding your Laminitis formula, oats, Weight Check oil, and Just Add Oats. There has been no significant improvement yet.  The hay that I have available is medium to high quality fertilized coastal and I have it fenced off so he only has access for 2 to 3 hours per day. Our pasture is unfertilyzed but at this point it is overgrazed and we are coming off a significant drought all summer. Because of the drought he has eaten fertilized hay all summer rather than our normal pasture. In addition, we normally feed a small to medium amount of T______ (to provide minerals and vitamins) which is a forage and not a corn-based pelleted feed.  

1. Is there anything additional I can do for him to minimize the pain or damages from the laminitis? Would some sort of probiotic be appropriate? 2. Is there a problem with giving Bute for pain and inflammation and/or is there something better you could recommend?  3. How quickly should I expect to see some benefit from the CritCare Laminitis product? 4. What type of forage is best for him now? Unfertilized green grass? Fertilized hay but on a limited basis? Something else you could recommend?  

Thank you for any advice or suggestions that you could give me at this point. I am absolutely convinced that your IR product is what saved this horse's life 4 years ago so I have great confidence in your products but I admit I am greatly concerned about his apparent lack of response in this situation.

Hi Janna,

I think the coastal and the T__________ aren't helping things. The T____ is not needed with what you are providing already with the "Just Add Oats" supplement.

Now along with providing oats, I prefer a 50/50 mix of timothy hay and orchard grass.
If hay only- definitely timothy is my preferred (no bermuda), but regardless, try to
get the best "unfertilized" that you can and gradually get switched.

Too much fertilizer in any circumstance is going to be a problem— just going to
increase the need for the RED CAL for sure. Be sure to provide the RED CAL free-choice
24/7 all they want and remove any salt/mineral rocks and blocks. I think for at least
the next couple of weeks I would add a tablespoon of RED CAL to the oats daily.

So for "targeted" support along with the feeding program and Critical Care (Laminitis formula).

I ask you consider the Joint Check, not only for its joint/inflammation support ingredients
but for it's antioxidant properties as well.

The gas suggests that the gut is "out of sorts" and could be the cause of what is going on,
so I'm asking you consider our Gut Check to target the gut until it's back in line.

Very seldom do I suggest bute, as it can lead to potential gut problems. But if you feel you should-
be sure to provide above mentioned Joint Check at least 2 scoops to help "detox". But- personally
I would hesitate using bute at this time with the gut in the condition you described.

I appreciate you asking for my opinion and hope you will consider above. Keep me posted!

Thanks for your support Janna,

Dr. Dan

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