Margaret with questions about her horses' challenges…

My 2 horses and mini-hinny were trimmed by a barefoot trimmer too often and too much from 2009-2010.

My 9 year old Paso Fino was walking on his soles and when the vet x-rayed him in October last year (2010) he saw chronic laminitis in the RF (7 deg. rotation), LF and LH (6 deg. rotation) due to the over-trimming.  

A year later my hinny and Paso are having severe bouts of lameness.  The new farrier works with the vet but trimming now causes lameness and none of my horses have ever had shoes or will.  I lime my pastures every year (no fertilizing);pasture plant analysis good;

September fecals were clean on all 3 animals; natural dentist came in September.

I Feed:  less than 1/2 cup of M______ P______ Sp_____, P____-T____ Equine F.A./Plus granules which has 6,000 mg of flaxseed oil, Vitamins A, E, Choline, 30 mg of zinc and 30 mcg Selenium, and Med-_____'s D-______ B_____.  Everyone has had free-choice Red-Cal since August 30. PLEASE HELP US FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  The Paso has multiple sarcoids on his sheath which the vet prescribed XX-Terra for.  PLEASE HELP WITH THIS, TOO.

Thank you.


Hi Margaret,

Thanks for making the move to RED CAL- that is the single-most important
step to make in regards to my programs and supplements.

Just to start, I would like to see you consider going all in with the
feeding program ("What To Feed"link below if not seen yet).

I would be in hopes that with the combination of components of
the program along with the targeted Hoof Check supplement and
the Hoof Check Conditioner dressing would make an improvement.

You will not need these supplements you mention. You can stop them with the above.

We do have a "Critical Care" Laminitis formula that is pricey and wonderful,
but I would rather you start with the foundation and the targeted products to
see what level the improvement is.

In addition, for the sarcoids I would use our Grape Balm product topically…
"icky and stinky" but nothing like it!

Again, great on the RED CAL and consider the above. I appreciate you
asking and considering all Margaret. Keep me posted!

Dr. Dan

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