Lori with allergy/breathing/joint challenges for her horses and asks about product combinations…

I have a 23 year old qh mare. I have her on your Joint Check but she is now coughing more and she breaks out in hives frequently. Do I need to give her AllerCheck, Joint Check, Bug Check, and Just Add Oats with Oil and Redcal everyday or do some products replace others?


Hello Lori,

Please know that the feeding program and it's components are important as a proactive
foundation to have in place or if just starting- to build upon. Just as important as the
components to provide is what "not" to to provide.

Like our all natural RED CAL provided free-choice 24/7/365 as they will eat what they need-
RED CAL instead of rocks/blocks (they are junk)… our Weight Check Oil and not depend on
flax and the like when trying to provide omegas (good fats). And of course the Just Add Oats
supplement has got your horse covered in so many ways. If not looked at lately, please review
the "WhatToFeed" link below.

The other products are designed for "targeted" support and designed to work together with the above
and others. The Joint Check you are providing is a wonderful daily product for your 23 year mare and should
always be provided as well.

I will add that Bug Check is more than just a bug product and with it being as little as
about 30 cents a day per horse- I always suggest it for year round use even at a maintenance
level of just a 1/2 an ounce daily.

Now at times it may become necessary to target specific challenges and there is a
need to provide a little extra support to get over a hump. I think Aller Check
should be provided at this time to help with what you describe and as it gets better
possibly reduce as needed.

Just know that the possibility of results increase when the targeted formulas are
combined with the "foundational' feeding program— if no other part of the program
is considered I always hope that one will at least consider the RED CAL and remove
all rocks/blocks. Again revisit the What To Feed link when you can.

Thanks for asking Lori!

Dr. Dan

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