Kim asks about putting weight on older horse…

I need to know what to feed our aging pony he is late 20's early 30's and he founders easily. He is loosing weight and will not eat all of his hay .


Hi Kim,

Try soak the hay in water a little if not tried yet. 

I would venture to say that thousands of older horses have been helped by our feeding program (link below) Of which a component is our WEIGHT CHECK OIL. When using the weight check oil you use a higher amount as directed for weight gain. And for an older horse I would even suggest our Joint Check product which is a combination of joint support ingredients along with a potent antioxidants.

Again, so many older horses and even foundering have been helped just with above.

If you go to: you'll see other discussions about
older horses I have had. be sure to use the "older posts" link at the bottom of each page to see them all!

Keep me posted and thanks for asking Kim!

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