Erica asks this about our "Weight Check" Oil…

Hello-  I ordered the Weight oil this morning, but I was actually looking for the H2oil.  I have used the h2 oil in the past, and it really seemed to help my horses hooves and coat.  Will the weight oil help with that also?  

Thanks for your time.  

Hello Erica, you are good-to-go with the Weight Check Oil!

It's not often I can make what I have already better, but I did it with
Weight Check Oil. We did carry both for awhile after its introduction
but the Weight Check just became so popular that it wasn't
necessary to carry both. That was about almost 3 years ago.

I might add that next time you order you might also consider the
BUG CHECK— which is more than just a "bug" product and
one of the features we do promote that it is great for the skin and coat.
We also added probiotics to the already great formula.

It's just that Bug Check is so economical and full of goodness we recommend
it for year -round use. Actually can get for as little as about 30 cents a day
for horse.

I appreciate the order and thanks for asking and connecting!

Dr. Dan

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Now… To the Oats also add, our Weight Check Oil supplement.
Essential 3, 6 & 9 Omega Fatty Acids Are Critical To Any Horse's Diet!

Every cell in the body is surrounded by fat which allows nutrients into the cell and waste to get out. The hydrogenated fats found in almost every commercial feed causes cell membranes to become like plastic, preventing this exchange of nutrition and waste.

It's been proven in people that hydrogenated fats cause insulin resistance, obesity, Type2 diabetes, etc. Hydrogenated fats are killing us and killing our horses and pets! 

Weight Check Oil is cold-pressed processed (not heat) and contains NO Hydrogenated Or Processed Fats!

It is "Certified GMO-FREE" with oil from the actual soybean itself. There is a difference!

If your horse needs to lose weight or maintain his current weight, give 2 oz per day. If he needs to gain weight you can add more. Extremely palatable. There is nothing else like it!

Weight Check Oil Label DIRECTIONS
Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Goats (all classes):

For weight gain—
top dress 4 to 8 oz. per day per 1000 lbs body weight.

For weight control—
top dress 1 to 3 oz. per day per 1000 lbs body weight (maintenance).

Added "Calm Cal-ories"
May Also Benefit:
Athletic Performance, Reproductive Health, Moody Heat Cycles, Milk Production, Body Condition, Coat Condition, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Increased Stamina, and Muscle Recovery from Exercise.

Available: One Gallon; 2-Month Maintenance Supply and in money-saving sizes and packages.
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