Carla's question about horse weight management and more…

I have a 6 yr old gelding that almost died on me in February after worming him with the new Eq________ wormer

He fell apart and lost a lot if weight and thank God I nursed him back but i'm still having problems putting weight on him
and also because of all this he lost a lot of muscle in his backend.

What would u suggest for an added supplement for him?

Hi Carla. I'm so sorry what you guys have gone through. I have to ask that you consider the aspects of my feeding program. I have "preached" it for years and i has helped so many. It is the foundation to build upon and where I would at least start— especially the RED CAL (no rocks/blocks) and the Weight Check Oil. The oil will help put the weight on. Really never had anyone disappinted in its results. I don't want to just load you up, so but that is where to start. I wouldn't hesitate in adding in of our more targeted products lstrating with the Joint Check to help. Look over the special section and see what you think and what you might be able to start with then keep me posted. It will not be an overnight fix, but I think we might be able to help. I might add that it is important to get the junk out and work inside out RED CAL has a detox effect but the Joint Check includes a potent antioxidant mix and may help overall comfort… our  Aller Check will further the working "inside-out" approach.

Below is the link to  "What To Feed" page and I'm also including my "deworming site" and info for future need for you…. lots to take in I know, but please do. Thanks for asking and keep me posted regardless of your decisions- I just appreciate being considered. amongst so much others.

Thanks again.

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