Marwari Photo By James ShambhuMEET THE MARWARI HORSE!
Photo by James Shambhu

I first met some of this breed and a world renown owner, Francesca Kelly at the 2001 Equitana event and knew then I had blessed by the presence of not only some special horses (They ALL are of course!) but also a special person. I am proud to have been a friend of both ever since and have been honored by their continued support.

I shared some images on Facebook just a couple of days ago via a post from the Kentucky Horse Park and received several comments from people saying that by my posting of those pictures, it was the first time that they had seen or heard of the Marwari horse.

For that reason I felt that by sharing with the thousands that are connected to me via email that for many of you it might be your introduction to both the Marwari Horse and Francesca Kelly and her mission.

The Horse Park introduced an article that I hope you will read  (link below) by saying this…

The last known Marwari horses on view in North America will be living at the Kentucky Horse Park, thanks to Francesca Kelly, a woman who has dedicated much of her life to preserving this rare and exotic breed of horse from India. She has donated her last 3 mares and one yearling colt to the park. Click Here To Read More.

There is also a site that has just went online (link belowthat will continue to grow as a community while providing information about the Marwari as well as the documentary film project of Francesca Kelly, her friend Bonnie and others.

About The Movie Project:
Marwari, War Horse of the Mah?r?ja is the story of Bonnie and Francesca's journey to promulgate and promote the horse in India and abroad.  The Marwari horse has faced many challenges including near extinction.  In this story you will see two modern day heroes with outstanding passion and dedication do everything in their power to promote and raise awareness of the Marwari horse worldwide.  This film will move and inspire you to be the best you can be!

I hope you will connect to today, to not only get a better glimpse into the Marwari horse, but to also show your support for this project. I also hope you found this interesting and will be something you will share with others!

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