Mary asks about Psyllium / Sand colic

Do you sell a psyllium product that will combat sand colic?


Hello Mary,

Psyllium is basically a bulking-like ingredient (it swells up and is slick, and oily-like once it is wet) that works to clean the gut.

With that said, I don't know what type of feeding program you have now so I will add that I always suggest that one consider our feeding program (link below) in which I suggest whole oats as a diet along with 3 supplement components to make complete and balanced.

One of the components is our tremendous gmo-free Weight Check Oil that when combined with the oats will have the same effect and much healtheir in my opinion. I know there are thousands of horses located in sandy areas (esp. Florida) that are on the above program with no reports of a challenge with sand colic. RED CAL and a product called "Just Add Oats" are the other 2 components.

The RED CAL is a natural source of salt/minerals that should be provided free-choice 24/7, all the horses want all the time. No rocks/blocks at all! The JAO product is a source of vitamins, probiotics and more. I would like to see you consider RED CAL all the time and consider at least even a small amount of oats- enough to get supplements down.

Thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan

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