Mary asks, "what type of oats" and shares about her horses flourishing and blossoming!

Dr. Dan,

I have found that feeding oats to my horses have caused them to flourish!

Satin whom my brother Bob rides has blossomed with the oats and the Just Add Oats (supplement).  However, I don't know the difference between race horse oats and crimped oats as far as feed value.  Is there a difference?  The prices are all over the place for oats these days.  WOW.  


Hi Mary, that's great about your horses!

As far as what type of oats… I prefer just the whole oats over the crimped oats. Crimped are only 6% more digestible, but tend to go rancid a lot more quickly. Crimped, if bought,  need to be very fresh- Just not worth it in my opinion. I have always used and recommended whole oats.

Thanks for sharing about your horses doing well and thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan

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