Terry asked this in regards to feeding foal after weaning…

Dr. Dan…

I sent my mare and her foal out for a couple of months during an illness I had. I just got the foal back, when she left she looked beautiful, nice coat, very active, when she came back 2 days ago she looked like she was already growing a winter coat, very quite, But not skinny, she did this before but seems more so now, she reaches around and is biteing her sides, rubbing her face on her front legs, taking her back legs and scratching at her face. I feel or see nothing on her, no hives, bugs, flies? I found out the people weaned her at 3 1/2 months, put her in a dry lot with goats, and not even sure if she got anything but hay. I started her back on ________, ________ & __________, (she was on that with her nursing till she left here).

I put her out on pasture, not the best since end of summer fescue, but she ate almost non stop 1st 36 hours. Her poop looked small and formed at first, now it's plumped up, shinny and well formed. I have one tube of just add oats, but don't want to use that with the Mare & Foal, she is on free choice Red Cal. I wormed her with safeguard ( know you don't like but I didn't know what she had been exposed to and my horse tested negative on stool check at vet.)I did it the first 2 days, not sure if If I should do a full 5 days. I read about bug check,

I have my other horse on garlic and recently read on Horse.com they listed one of the things toxic to horses was garlic & onion? So I know that is a lot of info, but the foals nutrition has def. been lacking.

Thank you.

Hi Terry,

I have to disagree and say garlic is not toxic regardless of what others have put out there.

I would never give a foal 5 days of a chemical dewormer, but it should have directions on the label as to ages etc.

As you are already familiar and providing Red Cal/ JAO now to your horses you probably knew I would suggest the
feeding program 😉

I didn't see any mention of Weight Check Oil, but I would especially provide it for this horse. Just Add Oats
is ok too. (your email said "tube" of JAO, but I'm sure you meant "tub"- right?)

It may be mites causing the itch so a good bath with a pyrethrin-based shampoo might help too.


Certainly our Bug Check for the skin (not for worms or mites)  just skin in general… like I say, Bug Check is much more than just a "bug' product and I recommend it for all- for everyday use year-round.

Hope this helps— do look for those better directions about the chemical dewormer.

Thanks For Asking!

Dr. Dan

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Thank you for your time to answer my questions, the vet came today to give the weanling her first shots, he thought her coat and weight looked good, thought maybe she had "a little allergies" why she was scratching, but "no signs". He told me not to worm her anymore that was enough, so my plan is to get the Weight check oil, and Bug check, and continue with tthe Mare & Foal for a little longer, I'll hold on to the Tub of JAO and switch her to the oats in a couple of months. That way I can see if the oil and Bug check make a difference.

Thanks again

Thanks for the update Terry. Please keep an eye on those suspected allergies.
You know me and I hate to tell you, but if there are allergies, the vaccinations "may"
make worse. Just watch in case and we will hope not.

Thanks again. Keep me posted!

Dr. Dan