Answering Carolyn… (keep them in your thoughts and prayers)

I have an 18.3, 14 year old Holstiener mare that is very hard to keep weight on. I have finally gotten her weight up to 1321, but to do that she gets 6 pounds of Triple Crown senior plus alfalfa pellets and rice bran. I hate that I have to feed her so much grain, and she does very little work, we ride once or twice a week out on trails for maybe an hour.         I have had her for 2 years now and she came to me as a rescue. her body score was about a 2-3. I agreed to take her site unseen as she was the last of a brood mare herd of 10 the was put down because they were no longer useful. The first time I saw her it was truly sickening. Both her back legs were so swollen from hock to hoof that there was no definition to her legs, she was skinny and her coat was rough and dry.       Once getting her home and having the vet come out to se if we could even save her we started on a 2 year journey of trying to save her. She has lymphingitis as well as chronic scratches. Nothing I have tryed really gets rid of the scratches. I live in Va and even with 2 foot of snow on the ground I was still treating them on a daily basis. And after the last bout of lymphigist her one hock stays some what swollen at all times, even with cold hoseing and iceing, and plotices with wraping. She' not lame on it , she just gets stiff with the swelling.    I have truely spent a tonn of money on trying to get all of her issues under control, but what seems to help one issue makes another one worse.      I am not a non-profit rescue, every animal I take in and help comes solely out of my own pocket, with no breaks. I love what I do. I am just at my wits end, both emotionally and financially for what to do to help the wonderful, sweet mare.     Please contact me with what you think might help her. Thank you ahead of time from both of us.    

Carolyn F.

Hello Carloyn,

I so appreciate what you do and am humbled that you
would seek my opinion and consider our products.

I know you are in a tough spot in so many ways.

Know that I don't just consider ourselves as just a
"product" company looking to make sales, but while
it has been my mission to provide alternative albeit
natural solutions I want to try to educate to help
with the all important (sometimes tough) decisions
that have to be made.

With that being said, if you haven't done so yet
please at the least review the "What To Feed" link below.
I know you're busy and may not have had the time yet.

You're going to soon see that I prefer Oats
along with hay or grass. (I like timothy/orchard)
and you're going to see some things I have
"no use" for… commercial feed, flax/rice bran
anything pelleted (pellets are cooked),
and salt/mineral rocks/blocks.

You will see the 3 supplement components to
the program of oats/grass/hay of which I think
will help in so many ways with these challenges
like it has so many before you.

I hope you would for sure consider the
RED CAL "natural" salt/mineral source—
balanced by nature- not by man! No matter the feed-
RED CAL should be provided free-choice
all-they-want all-the-time because they
will eat what they need- they know!

Then my Weight Check Oil is "weigh better" than
any other source of omega/essentail fatty acids.
What you're attempting to provide with the flex and rice bran
will be better provided and safer coming from Weight Check Oil.
I could just about say that thousands of gallons are poured daily!
There's nothing like it in my opinion.

For this situation- I would provide extra amount
(up to 8 oz. daily in the beginning is possible) to help
support more and gain control more quickly.

Weight Check Oil is going to help with the weight issues and
help support the skin and coat.

Oh and here is a link to a "not to feed flax" article.

The third component is the supplement called
"Just Add Oats" – it is a multi use product loaded
with vitamins, minerals and probiotic ingredients.

The above has worked for so many through they years
for those same different types of challenges you guys are facing.

Now I do have other support products that you could also add,
but for now i;d like to see you try the above.

I do hope the best for you all (and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers) and I again appreciate you asking.
I hope something here I shared at least gives hope.

Please stay in touch!

Dr. Dan

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