Gloria asks about fecals, deworming, ulcers and weight issues…

Hello, I have had my Horses wormed this year, I dont do it often, but normally in the Spring and Fall. But I had our Vet take fecal samples and never got back with us on the results, And I got tired of calling him about it .

He says that we should do Fecal test for worms. and put them on a worming program, which I dont believe in…I saw that you do them (fecal tests) If sent to you.

Also, Our two horses we got From Ky, the young colt,a two year old. We had wormed him once we got him, but didnt have a fecal test, and he developed a cough and then the other Pasture buddy started loosing weight an so we wormed them both with a Power pack to get all they might have. I like the Natural worming that you offer and Hope to try it and start using it. But The one Horse is still loosing weight and so we thought he might have an Ulcer,( I was told he had one once when he was younger) and we were told that worming him would help also with medications for the Ulcer,Which I will look for natural. Is there a way that a Vet can tell if the ulcer is from worms?

Thanks for your time !!


Hello Gloria and thanks for your question.

I have to say that worms generally don't cause ulcers as Ulcers are in stomach and Worms are more in the "gut". 

First, you do need the fecals as soon as possible.

Now, with what you have told me it is my thought that there is a lot of "junk" in the system and you need to detox and get the junk out and keep the junk out. This includes the past medications. You should consider our support supplements Health Check and Gut Check are which I highly recommend. Our Aller Check would beneficial as well. Don't worry all my products are designed to work together.

Also, do know that foundation that all good and natural should be built upon is my feeding program and the three supplement componets that are a part of that. Please look over using the "What To Feed" link below. Especially consider the Weight Check Oil for weight management (on or off) and then to the RED CAL (with no blocks/blocks around!)

I do think the above will help as it has so many others.

Thanks for checking things out and again, thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan

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