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Hi Dr Dan: I'm a new customer and have a couple of questions, which I hope you'll answer.  I live in Northern Florida, where we do have more or less year round "bugs."   1)My vet tells me that my horses should get their 5 way vacc. twice a year. I really don't want to vaccinate that often, but don't want to risk my horses health either. My choice is a yearly West Niles, and a 5 way once a year. Please tell me your opinion?   2) I just ordered some of your grape product. My dog (lab/pit) has acne under her chin. I don't want to give her more antibiotics. Do you think this product will help my dogs chin?  

Thanks so much for any advice!  


Hi Carole- welcome aboard and thanks!

The Grape Balm is a great product and well worth the try for sure as
it has helped others with same or similar challenges. You may have
already seen it in the description, but just wanted to make you knew it
was "icky and smelly" but it works! 🙂

Vaccinating is something I only do if (unfortunately) required by law.
Others, I never vaccinate for anything.

If I may let me direct you to this post on my question/answer archive:

Please read that and follow those links as well that I give inside my post if interested
in seeing my answers (my consistent message) to others. This links will lead
you to an article called Nutri-Health A Radical Solution and to the many
audios recorded at events where I tell my story and this mission.

I know that is a lot of info to digest but please do time as time allows.

Please check out my "What To Feed Your Horse" link below for the
foundation that all else should be built upon for a pro-active wellness regimen.

I would also consider our Bug Check product— I recommend it for anyone anywhere
regardless of "buggy time" as it full of natural goodness– now even with Alltechs
probiotics and it is very economical to use and would be a great product to start with
if you have not yet tried.

I appreciate your support and hope all this does help!

Dr. Dan

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