Eileen asks about her horse "nibbling" on woodwork…

Hi- My 8 yr old Connemara just started nibbling on some stall woodwork. never done it before. Currently eating ________ (handful) 2x day and 1st cut hay. Turned out all day w/ ok( not lush- rocky) grazing. She's been in a new barn for 3 weeks- seems to really like it. Any suggestions? Mineral deficiency?

Thanks Eileen

Hi Eileen,

They are for sure trying to get something that they're not getting from their current diet.

There are a couple of links I hope you will review:

www.DrDanLibrary.com actually has has an audio about Chewing/Cribbing and
there is also a short 4 minute video about Cribbing shown at one time on RFD-TV.

And please review the feeding program: www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com
and the components that go together in it. Do know that I am generally
not a fan of commercial feed.

One of the components of the program I for sure recommend is our natural
salt/mineral supplement called RED CAL- in fact I think no horse should be
without it! It is fed free-choice all-they-want-all-the-time. You didn't mention
rocks/blocks but I hope they're not in use— I don't like them at all.

So, if you don't consider any other portion of our program or any other
products- I do hope you will provide RED CAL in lieu of rocks/blocks or other
salt/mineral/electrolyte sources.

Keep me posted and Thanks for asking Eileen!

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