Tom asks about ulcers/colic challenges with TW horse…

Dr. Dan,
I bought a 3 year old TWH a couple weeks ago.  He started colicking last week.  After two days, the oil would go right thru him so they said it was ulcers, not gut.  I opt NOT to use that expensive drug, so the pills and liquid they put him on has really helped him.  They say he must continue ulcer meds for some time – so my question is:  1) Is there natural meds for ulcers (what do you Rx)?   2) Do you have a natural product?
Hi Tom,

First-the foundation I suggest and depend on personally, is our feeding "program'.
If you haven't had the opportunity to review the link is below. It will lead
you to lots of info- companion articles,audios and videos. This is the program
that thousands have gotten on board with through the years. it is going to
help your current challenges.

You're going to need to get the junk out of the system (and keep out)—
our support supplements Health Check and Gut Check are highly
recommended and even our Aller Check would beneficial.

The sooner you can get off the meds/drugs the better— me personally would
be starting to wean off now.

Let me do this… I have posted other questions/answers that address
your same challenges. There's a few of many testimonials posted
within these postings as well. I think you will gain a lot from reading
these conversations with others.

Here are the links and search results:
(if there is more than one page- there is an "older posts" link at the bottom of each)

I hope this helps in the decisions you need to make. Please keep me posted and
thanks for asking and considering our products and recommendations.

Dr. Dan

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