John asks about horse's dry skin

Hi Dr. Dan,  We live in Texas where it's been very hot and dry this summer.  I'm feeding them hay, oats, Just Add Oats, Red Cal and ground flax seed once per week.  They're scratching a lot.  I'm wondering if they could just have dry skin. I don't see any insects or irritation.  Would giving them more flax seed help with dry skin?  

What would you recommend?

Hi John,

Man you guys have had a tough there for sure. I do hope and pray it gets better sooner than later.

You didn't mention our Weight Check Oil though you are doing the other parts of the program?

I got to tell you I'm just not a fan (or friend!) of flax and have told many through the years to stop.

What you are trying to accomplish with the flax will be better achieved using the Weight Check Oil. Great for the skin and coats- and of course so much more.

I sent out an email over the past week titled, IMHO, Our's is "Weigh" Better! that if you missed, please look over.

It's online here:

(it also includes a "Why Not To Feed Flax" article)

Keep me posted and thanks for your support!

I think about the drought situation everyday. hang in there.

Dr. Dan

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