Janet asks about EMS cresty neck horse and our "Critical Care" formula

I am supplementing my EMS horse with ____________.  

Listened to Dr. Dan speech on cresty neck horses.  Found Critical Care product and ingredients.  $275 for 2 month supply!! Expensive. _________________ has all ingredients of Critical Care and about $100 less for 2 mo. supply.  What makes Critical Care so expensive and why is it better than ________________?  Dr. Dan. says CC will get rid of cresty neck.  Is this realistic?  Glycocemic EQ hasn't gotten rid of cresty neck . . . why would CC?  Weight reduction has reduced cresty neck. Janet

Hi Janet. I sure do appreciate you taking the time to listen to one of my audios and considering our products.

I am not familiar with that product and I don't do comparisons anyhow. Sorry but I am only concerned with making sure what is in our products are there and they are of the best quality. (and providing value) There are plenty of knockoffs out there– I [usually] see them when they suddenly spring up. Again this one you mention I haven't..

(I guess one could always try to compare a multi-vitamen bought at the Dollar Store to one bought at a health store (or us))

I just know that our Critical Care is awesome and yes it is
pricey (I even say so in so many places) — pricey yet valuable.

When combined with our overall feeding program ( WhatToFeedYourHorse.com )
(using the Hi-Mag version of RED CAL in this instance) generally only a tub or two
of the CC is needed. CC + Feed For Success is the optimum combination.

This combination has helped so many through the years.

Here is a testimonial that was posted that may be of interest:

Again, I appreciate you considering our products for your current challenge
and hope this other info is of help. Do keep me posted Janet.

Thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan