Veronica asks/says: "Complicated Horse who Needs You"

Dear Dr. Dan,

I have a Appaloosa/Warmblood cross who is currently on your Just Add Oats and RedCal,  He is also on __________ and _________ and gets barley instead of oats.  Here is my problem, anytime I try to give him something to increase his energy it goes right to his brain and not his muscles.  If he eats oats, sugar, high protein, high magnesium, beetpulp and a few other things that I have tried he get supper skiddish.  He is not overweight and doesn't have any fat pockets just lacks energy.  Can you give me any advice?


Hi Veronica,

You mentioned RED CAL and JAO but I didn't see mention of our Weight Check Oil being provided which is one of the 3 supplements suggested as part of the "Feed For Success" program/diet. (a.k.a. )

The Weight Check Oil will deliver the type of energy you are seeking for this horse—but of course, providing Oats instead of barley are going to deliver the optimum results as so many others have. I should also add-just to be sure- that the RED CAL should be provided free-choice so they have all they want all the time.No rocks/blocks around at all!

You won't need the _____________ and _____________ and Pleeeassse, NO beet pulp! (IMHO)
see "Why Not To Feed Beet Pulp":

I really think the above will help you to see a new horse.

I appreciate you asking and giving me a chance to "weigh-in". Do keep me posted Veronica

Dr. Dan

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