Michele asks my opinion/help about laminitis

What do I feed a horse with laminitis?


Hello Michele,

If you haven't done so yet, among my many links and pages- please visit FeedForSuccess.com / WhatToFeedYourHorse.com and see my recommended program and supplements that make up this feeding foundation to build upon.

I also have an a "Laminitis" article in my magalog you can see at www.DrDanMag.com. Now [regardless] on what/how you want to feed- our RED CAL product is one that no horse should be without— provided free-choice all they want all the time— NO salt/mineral rocks/blocks. You'll see more about this on the "What To Feed Your Horse" link.

So, if you decide not to go all-in with the feeding program, please- RED CAL should be provided free-choice 24/7 all they want all the time! For added support I would also supplement with our Joint Check product- which besides the "joint" ingredients the horse will get a great antioxidant product as well to help get and keep the junk out of the system to help with the challenges by laminitis/stringhalt.

Here is a recent post you may take something from:

Now, I also have a product called Critical Care "Laminitis Formula" that is pricey but nothing else like it, especially consider if the horse is in lots of pain.

Lastly, I always suggest that one consider contacting a chiropractor.

And again, for best "possible" results— the total feeding program has helped many others.

Please do review the "magazine" articles… especially the Laminitis artice along with Perfect pastures and the Salt/Mineral article. Easy access using magazine link below.

(follow the DrDanMag.com link and you can either view the PDF file of the magazine or
the "flash- page flipping" version. In the mag it is on page 23. Lots of great articles before and after that one too!)

Hope this helps and thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan

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