Raida asks about Horse Pastures

Dr. Dan:  What do you do to keep weeds out of the horse pasture and what seed do you like to plant in them?  

Sure do like you products for the horses, Keep up the good work.

Sincerely,  Raida

Hello Raida!

First, personally I like timothy and orchard at 50/50.

If you see weeds you need lime.That has long been my viewpoint. On the amount of lime and that availability of such, I would suggest you just "ask around" since every area is different.

If you go to the "What To Feed Your Horse" link below, you will see a direct link to the "Perfect Pastures" article in the magazine.

From that article…

One of the healthiest ways to make good pastures and again, often the most economical is to heavily lime your fi elds twice per year. Lime is Calcium Carbonate. Calcium keeps the soil basic rather than acid. Basic soil is healthy just as a more basic body pH is healthier for people. Calcium in the form of lime is cheap and I promise if you have many weeds at all growing in your
pasture you need lime. Don’t expect immediate results however, because it takes time for lime to be absorbed and utilized, but it will help tremendously over time.

Of course, natural forms of fertilizer (manure, compost etc.) should be used and we also have a product that I recommend- "Pasture Check Replenish" that is applied with a sprayer. Details on the product are in the magazine as well as the Horse Vet category of our website.

I know you will find all of this to be helpful. I appreciate your support Raida and thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan

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