Sherry asks about her rescued horse and its navicular cyst

Hi Dr Dan,

I have rescued a 7yr old Haflinger Mare, who has ben diagnosed with a Navicular Cyst.  

Standard Protocal for this seems to be Bute. Most Vets feel that this condition never really goes away and must be managed.  I have turned her out in a 15acre field (reasonably good field) with a spring fed creek. with 3 other horses.  I already have them on BUG CHECK FIELD FORM with Just add Oats given a couple times a week, with Aple cider Vinegar.  She is not lame now, and has not shown lameness for a couple months. I understand this condition can be intermitten at first.  What are your thoughts on this condition? what other supplements would you use, or would I just wait and see how she does with what I am feeding?  I plan on re MRI ing her in the spring.  

Best, Sherry

Hi Sherry!!!

The first thing I would try and often has shown results is to provide our Joint Check supplement. With a 1000 lb horse I would start with 2 scoops daily and probably continue there even. That alone has helped many. Of course Joint Check also includes the ingredients of Health Check (antioxidants etc.) so it is only healthy and much more than just a "joint" product. And since you are already adhering to aspects of the feeding program that will help even more.

I don't suggest vinegar however- just too much potential to adversely affect the pH

Keep me posted!


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