Cathy asks about what type of hay for these horses

Dear Dr. Dan,
We are in Wisconsin, and have a client in Florida who has recently moved her horses down there and was having trouble keeping weight on her hot mare.  She started feeding a pelleted formula, and now the mare is so hot she cannot ride her.  The feed store employees told her not to feed oats unless she is feeding alfalfa hay, which she cant at $25 per bale!  She is feeding coastal hay, and that is about all she can find down there.  Will the oats keep weight on her mare?  Does she need to feed a different type of hay?  Is there any products made for “hot” horses to calm them?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Cathy,

She just needs our feeding program.  The comment from the feed store guy is because the oats need balancing.. the "Just Add Oats", the RED CAL and the Weight Check Oil oil do that (naturallly!).

Bermuda Hay is awful! It is more apt to cause impaction/colic than any other But there are other hays to pick from, but as they already know that are just pricey. Just so you know for future reference, personally I have always like timothy and orchard at 50/50.

And of course NO commercial feed.

The program again will help with the weight especially the Weight Check Oil (whether weight on or weight off) and as it says on the label…. CALM Calories!

Oh yea, here is an easy direct link to my "Feed Oats" article in case you missed before:

Hope this helps and thanks for asking! Hope all is going great for you guys!

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