Jody sends us a testimonial- thanks Jody!


I am using the Bug Check and the Finally Something That  Works fly spray with great success.

I have a filly who is very sensitive/allergic to bugs and will swell, chew and rub herself raw, it is very sad. We live near a wet land area which does not help this poor little girl. Your fly prevention products are incredible. I use them on all four of my horses. The great thing is that there are no chemicals.

I myself use to wheeze when I used the chemical sprays and now I am fine. So the benefit is not only to my horses, but to me also.

My horses' coats look great also, not dried out from all the chemicals.  

Thank you for all you do for the health and wellness of our horses. Keep up the great work we need you.  

Jody B.

Thank you Jody for your support and taking the time to share this with others and all of us here at The Natural Vet. We appreciate it and am humbled by your comments!

Dr. Dan