Rainy asks about these bumps on her pony

I have a shetland pony with what the vet said are protein bumps. she is covered with pea sized bumps on her neck and shoulder.     when i bought her she had no bumps and was happy and healthy eating alfalfa and grain when she first got the bumps. we dropped the grain and when they did not go away we consulted a vet who said they were "protein bumps"and that we had to stop feeding alfalfa and only feed her grass. He then gave her steroid shots but it did not fix anything for we have had to do many rounds of those shots and she still has them. now we want to breed her but can't as long as we have to do the shots.  

I have been studying  your Aller Check. Oh we do soak her grass hay to get the proteins out.      so my questions are 1) what can I use to help these go away? 2) are your supplements safe to use in a pregnant mare? 3) how long do I need to use the supplements?

Aller Check 2lb - 2 Pk

Definitely sounds like allergies and if you have been looking into our Aller Check product, then you are on the right track. Of course, if you have already been looking around you
already know that I'm going to strongly recommend the components of our feeding program 
("What To Feed" link below).

Here's a recent posting of a question and answer that refers to allergies, Red Cal and Aller Check:

While I hope that others would be "totally" with the program- providing those supplements are going to be multi-beneficial- especially the RED CAL. I truly wish that every horse had
RED CAL available free-choice all they wanted all the time.

The What To Feed link will also link you to a Perfect Pastures article you will enjoy gathering information from as well.  Of course there are lots more article/audios/videos at the "Library" link as time would allow you to enjoy.

I often say, "being proactive means responding to challenges ahead of time", so as far as how long supplements should be provided I think our basic support supplements should
be provided at least at a maintenance level (after gaining control of a challenge)—  They are all so full of goodness they can and should be used year round. Even Bug Check!

Lastly, as far as pregnant mares using our supplements- legally we are required to put warnings on our Joint Check and our two "Critical Care" products. I personally have 60+ Mares and they, and thousands and thousands of others, "get" all the products and have been doing so for many many years.

Thanks for considering Aller Check and our other supplements and for the opportunity to serve.

Keep me posted.

Dr. Dan