Jan shares her testimonial (her's and her horse's) Thank You!

Dear Dr. Dan,  

I have to write to say how pleased I am with all of your products.

This past weekend my 16 year old Arabian gelding won Reserve Champion at a 2-day 50 mile Competitive Trail Ride in Pennsylvania.

I started him one year ago on your feeding program of High Mag Red Cal, Weight Check Oil, Just Add Oats, Joint Check, Hoof Check and Bug Check along with hay, oats and pasture. At the vet holds I gave him Red Cal and Hydraid with his oats. In spite of the high heat and humidity, his pulse and respiration recoveries were the lowest they've ever been in 10 years of competing with this horse.

I was also thrilled with how calm and focused he was on the trail. With so many conflicting recommendations for the best feeding program for endurance and competitive trail horses, I can honestly tell other riders yours is the best I've ever tried in 30 years of owning and competing horses.

Just had to say thank you for your healthy products,

P.S. Your Reddox and Great Shakes helped his aging rider's energy too!

First, WOW! and congratulations on you and your horse's victory Jan!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me Jan… and to put it into words for others to enjoy. You don't know how much it means to not only me and my family, but to those that work with me as well. We all thank you and appreciate your support.

Dr. Dan